How do you want to relate to your opponent? Be cool and polite or be a real "dog" about it? In todays basketball the "old guys" talk about todays players being to nice to each other, trying too hard to relate. Ask Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, the Bad Boys Pistons etc. They did NOT want to be your friend. Maybe they were off the court, but on the court? No, they did not want to show that. All business. Of course, this is a new age of basketball AND most of all a new age of society from social media to events that sets a certain stage of behavior and representation. In comparison to the past, this is new.

However, how you deal with the relationship to another player is up to you. The "old guys"-mentality has a small-sized following, with the likes of Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and more. They tweet, they do instagram, but its a different behavior and story on the court.

On the playgrounds, the "old guys"-mentality isnt that far away, and usually you go quite hard and almost over the edge against players you dont know. Its just the nature of the game and the situation. You can absolutely argue that NBA has done all the right things trying to take away meaningless violence. The officialls can call things they see as a preview to something bigger. I agree with that judgement, although I do feel the game has gone a bit, a tad, soft...

The following clip will show the ending of the Pistons-Pacers game in 2004. This would mark an end to an NBA-league that had some big arguments on the court getting way out of hand:

The Pistons-Pacers brawl in 2004, that changed the rules and politics in the NBA:

I believe this following video is a "proof" that shows that the rules may be working, that the other partner of the "fight" constrains himself or his teammates get involved to stop something evolving to a real fight:

And this is a clip of some arguments getting out of hand. The rules today didnt exist yesterday, so to say... Throwing punches TODAY would get you a huge fine in comparison!

For discussions sake, this small piece of segment is a good debate about how NBA mightve gone soft due to rulechanges:


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