Are you the kind of person who want to take the last shot? And on what stage is this shot being taken? Whats on the line? For you, for your teammates, for your team, maybe your neighbourhood, for your fans... Wow, its a lot to think about.
But, what about the "Greats", do they... "Think" about it? How do they embrace these last few seconds of the game: down 1,2,3 points, maybe more (!), or maybe tied ... down 2-3 in the NBA-finals... How do these players do what they do? This is Crunch-time, where all the clutch-players seem to celebrate the opportunity to make the gamewinning play that sends their team home with the victory, proudly knowing that everyone knows that this one player is going to take that last shot which make it even more epic if it goes in.
Michael Jordan. You cant the greatness or his willingness to Always succeed at what he did on the basketballcourt. This video, that is a part of an interview with Michael Jordan, really tells all of "Who Michael Jordan became and was": 
Others who have succeeded greatly on the court, making gamewinning shots in crucial moments:
Jerry West, "The Logo" and "Mr. Clutch" made many gamewinning shots and this time he throws in a nice 60 foot shot in game 3 of the Finals between Lakers and the Knicks to send the game into overtime:
During these days, there were no three-point line...
During the post-Jordan-era (its funny how you adore someone so much that he himself becomes a timeline for something!) the most prolific player of the time has been Kobe Bryant. Despite the upcoming rise of players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, Bryant has been the greatest at making the gamewinningshots:
and here all almost all of them... ;
I hope you enjoy these posts, and I hope spring will be settling down now so we all can go outside and play some hoops.
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