Sunday, no rest for the restless! 
Even though it is wintertime, its always gametime. You can always find ways to stimulate your basketballmind. 
How about this sunday, we make our basketball minds and soul tickle a bit. Starting on monday, til we could honestly be real about hoping for the hoopgods to bless us with fast asphalt and brakes to counter for the endless snow-rain-cold-ice-scenario, "Todays Pick-Up" will unload a heavy streetballheart through sharing two types of basketball-videos. These videos will focus on 1) learning basic basketball and 2) providing some entertaining videos to go along with them.
Enjoy. And, please, if you do see a court witout snow, ice or water on it - let everybody know!
Sunny days ahead.
And dont forget to check out to see what is "happening" in Trollhättan when it comes to expanding the game of basketball. Things are happening.
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