How is that shuffle/shoescrapping of the snow going? Not yet? Well, I cant wait for spring! Its in the air now, for sure.
Often, when you join a game of streetbasketball, you dont know who these guys are or how they play. Thats part of the charm of pick-up games. So, you feel them out and in return you are forced to get to know your own game a little bit better: "What move is my go-to move? What usually works for me and my team?". Its about making plays that will work in you and/or in your teams favour.
Do what you do best, make the opponent work and on trainingday, evolve new ways to be a better basketballplayer and better teamplayer.
Today, lets look back on players who had to evolve their game in order to succeed on different levels. How can you grow mentally?
I usually bring up NBA or NBA level players due to the available archives given, video and/or box score.
A common area for improvement amongst players has been the shooting, either for better shot selection, better field goald percentage or changing of your shooting mechanics as part of the two reasons above. As far as areas in rebounding, passing, defence the criteria seems to be a tad different. Shooting is the one area, learning how you best get the ball in the basket, that can be visualized.
The recent example I come to think of is Jason Kidd, that in his last years in the NBA already was a playing hall of famer whos game had demised a bit: He was not as fast anymore, with a shot that never defined him as a player. This changed completely, when Kidd knew he had to evolve as a player in the system he played under in Dallas: A huge boost in 3p field goal percentage and a couple hundred more makes from Downtown made him respected beyond the arc. And it helped the titlerun in 2011.
Stars becoming role-players is another aspect of changing your game and role to become something more than a fade-out, maybe starstruck to a fault - player. This is what I adore, when former studs looks father Time in the eye and stairs them down. For the love of the game? Certainly, they cant do what they used to do. They need and needed to reshape their roles and games to stil compete. We have seen examples of these kind of players, sacrifices or evolving if you will, in the past and we will continue to see them either adapt or crumble. Make your ego take a backstand and do what you need to succeed. 
My belief is that you need to always find reason to evolve, no matter how age or other circumstances can affect your game. Some players do, some dont. And I dont argue with any side.
Two videos of players who made success after changing their roles as a player:
The "Next One" coming in during the end of the Jordan-era has had a spectacular career in some ways, not in others. However you look at it, you cant deny the talent and the sustainability Carter has had up til today. During his Dallas-stint he made a game winnning shot to remember against the upcoming champs Spurs.
Bob McAdoo was the latest player (in 1974) to average 30 points and 15 rebounds per game. His game was ahead of his time but injuries made him loose a few steps. In 1981, he moved to Los Angeles and enjoyed two championshipcampaigns as the sixth-man on the team. His role was very underestimated, under 4 fruitful seasons, as he could go off at anytime, Always a reliable option behind teammates such as Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Byron Scott, etc.
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