We all have got up against that one player you know is getting almost all the buckets or can score or make certainplays at will. But what about those who just makes that surprise-shot to end the game, or that gamechanging block that only their instict at that moment of the game can back up? What about these players, who came from nowhere and made their mark on basketballhistory?
The feeling cant be that much different when it happens in a 3on3-game on a court here in Trollhättan. A game on the line and you make a sudden impactmove that could change the result and win the game, its not THAT much different. ;-)
Todays two videos focuses on gamewinning plays by seemingly unknown players at the time, at their biggest stage:
First off.
Sundiata Gaines hits the game winner as time expires. First NBA-game, with the shot that won the game. Pretty awesome. Gaines did come from nowhere and made this shot. 
When called upon, straight from the D-league, Sessions made the shot of his career. Today hes a reliable option for teams who want his crafts.
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