You mightve experienced this when, at times, your team is just outnumbered beforehand and all hope stands to this player that could give you that lift that takes you over the hump.
As a team, you may loose, but your players performance was legendary for all involved.
This time around, lets look at players who carried its team on the biggest stage.
Allen Iverson, with his 76ers, up against the dynasty-Lakers unfolding before everyones eyes with a 12-0 playoffrecord coming into game 1 of the finals. Iverson C.A.R.R.I.E.D. this team to a stunning, (chocking!), win against Kobe & Shaq-led Purple&Gold. Fantastic.
When the Seattle Supersonics entered the 1994-playoffs it did so with a very good look at the road ahead. Having the best record in the NBA at 63-19 they faced Denver Nuggets (42-40 record and the 8th seed) in the first round. Denver pulled off maybe the biggest upset in NBA-history when they beat Seattle 3-2 in a 5-game series. Dikembe Mutombo, the defensive beast and 2nd only to Olajuwan in total blocks in NBA history set a record for most blocks in a 5-game series with 31. He just lifted this team to the greatest beating of a number 1-seed ever.
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