The idea of "Pick-up the basketball" is to expand another part of the basketball being played in Trollhättan, besides the Trollhättan Basketball Club (TBBK) that also have widened its horizons in the last couple of years. This other side of basketballactivity is the streetbasketball game. Its played everywhere and by everyone, no matter the gender, age, social and economical conditions, etc. (Follow us on Facebook, "Pick-Up Basketball Trollhättan")
For many, the pick-up game and streetbasketball comes more naturally and spontaneously then the more organized basketball we see being played through city basketball clubs etc.
This blog will, for now, work as a link between upcoming social tools (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and the hope to create an App for Android and Iphone) to establish a pick-up/streetbasketball community driven by the goal of being an easy way for anyone, anywhere in the city, to play and look for others to join and play the game with them.
Usually the streetbasketball/Pick-Up basketball is a summertime activity, but the Pick-Up Basketball Trollhättan will hope to exist as an non-profit association to drive forward a little bit more than being just that. The weather outdoors shouldnt be the main factor why you cant play basketball in the wintertime...
For now this page will function as an request-page to play basketball, from 00:00 to 00:00 the next day you should and could make a request to play. For this reason, the weather DO have an impact... ! But I will not  wait for the weather to "maybe change or not" and underestimate the warmth of the sun and some good snow-plows that could make the streetcourts playable again... ;-)
In a few days you should be able to write a request or check for others in todays "Pick-Up" so others can see it and join you or you and your friends.