Dont you love the Cinderella-stories of the world? And yes, we have seen a lot of it in sports, also. From the 'Miracle On Ice', to the 'Wolfpacks' and the more recent 2008 'Davidson' college basketball team lead by a fresh Steph Curry. You know what Im talking about, and you get stuck watching history in the making!
Even on the blacktop, on the courts outside, these things tend to happen. It isnt watched by millions of people, but for you and everyone else involved, things can happen that get stuck in memory for life.
I want to inspire through these following events in basketballhistory:
* Making a shoutout to Earl Lloyd, in basketball just as the likes of Jackie Robinson, etc, on Instagram a couple of days ago, lets continue on the march to integration within sports: The 1966 Texas Western Basketball Team, a cinderella-story but also a barrierbreaking season of basketball. The first team to put 5 non-white players on the basketball court in the starting five. End up winning the NCAA-Championship. Great, great documentary: (the game, check out the first play!!!)
* In Sweden there is a city called Ammarnäs, with an inhabitant of about 200 people. What if 40 000 people showed up to salute this small village? Well, this happened to Milan in 1954, with a population of 1 150, after the High-School basketball team made the biggest splash maybe ever in high-school basketball history. The smallest high-school to ever win a Indiana State Basketball Title:
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