Im learning everyday about communications, how to and in different situations.  How do you communicate? What role to other people do you, especially, have?
On the basketballcourt, how you communicate says a lot of what type of team you are. From the coach to its players, from point guard to the center-position to the bench, it all count as equally important in the end that you have good communications between everybody involved in the basketballgame. Its about teaching and learning, learning and teaching, and you do it while expanding and extracting what kind of personalities each have.
Once in a while, a certain person comes along that changes the dynamics of a team, that makes the team to really evolve as both players and what kind of persons they are and will become.
A good communication-line between a team, player, coach and/or its city and fans has always shown importance. This young man, Brian Smith from West Philadelphia, is using the game to get to others, "letting kids know that the ball can bounce their way":
The Marquette College mens basketball team in 1977 had the perfect match in the coach and one of its best players. This short ESPN 30 for 30 documentary show a lot of what sports really are about:
Just as colorful as their jerseys were before they was banned for being "untucked", the sun is absolutely shining these days and I hope some of you get out and just dribble the ball on the court. I will.

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