Im just gonna say it... its SPRING! Therefore, I do not have the time to write these and instead Im going out for a pick-up game... ;-)


For fun, I will continue spreading some videos!


Because its stil "barely" spring, maybe some cold winds and rain make its unpleasant to play right now. So, how about making it rain from the 3-point line? It will keep you warm and fuzzy!

The best shooters of all time doesnt have to be the ones with the most range. But it sure tells you a lot.

Steph Curry is considered, along with his splash-bro Klay Thompson and the Hawk, Kyle Korver, the best shooters in the business today:

Steph Curry:

Kyle Korver: 

Klay Thompson: 

Ray Allen is stil sitting on top of the 3-point ranks: 


How about a 4-point line? Joke or not:


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