Please, schools everywhere... brush off those "sandmines" on the basketball courts!!! You dont want your students to become injured, right? Im going to email EVERY school in this district. Laying there, over the weekend, come monday morning the inbox will glow hot like: "youve been served!"...  During lunchtime, oh my, even the principles will go out and brush off those dusty courts! :-)

Todays videos:


With Dominique Wilkins getting his statue for years of service (partly dunking and being the "Human Highlight Film"!), lets look at some of the games best in-game dunkers:

First off, this debate:

Then, this is Vince Carter...:

And, from the Planet Lovetrone, this is Darryl Dawkins:

Michael Jordan:

Dr. J:

Blake Griffin, just posterizes:


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