There are players that only will reach that "What-If"-level and not grow any way near their potential. Maybe its injuries, maybe its just a certain situation, or bad conduct, and maybe its even worse.
These videos will show a handfull of these kind of players and personas that were lost in the mix:
Len Bias. Perhaps the saddest story of all players that were lost way too early. ESPN 30 for 30 covers his story with respect:
Reggie Lewis. They thought he was going to be the next great Celtic, to carry the torch from the Bird-era into the 90s. This never happened though. This is Lewis last game before he died way to early, two months later due to heartproblems: 
Hank Gathers. ESPN 30 for 30 covers the story of team that always was running... Hank Gathers was the teams best player, on his way to the next level. This, however, never happend:
Benji Wilson. People saw him as one of the next who would later on knock on the door to become the "next" great superstar in the NBA. Another kid who died to early:
We salute these men and remember that time is always of the essence.

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