Haha! Today was great. I met and played with some cool, funny kids today, let me tell you. 
So. As usual, Im at Kronan (in Kronogården) between 16-17 mondays, wednesdays and fridays if nothing else is said on this blog or on facebook. Rarely, kids/people come to these sessions because they know Im there but I get my fair share of ballers joining me anyway! So its great. The rest is marketing, I guess.
Today, monday, I was at Kronan 16 a clock, talked to the janitor (as usual) whos there at that time almost every session. At the beginning, if no one is there, I normally just start dribbling and attempts (read: MAKE!) some closeranged jumpers to get my rythm going. As I tell all kids coming to join me, start close to the basket (I know you all want to make that longrange but come on... :-)... ), and then you move out further away from the basket. So, I´ll do the same as every other time. After awhile I see some kids running towards the court with their mother close behind them. They want to play! I cant see it in their eyes. but they are shy to ask for a ball. So I make some shots in a row outside the court (its a really small Court tho if you dont know it ;-)... ) and they start yelling something in a different language (the cultural aspect of doing this is also, truly, amazing to be apart of, and it can be very comical sometimes!). Then and there, I decides to ask one of them (they cant be older than 4-7 years old, all of them boys.. .) to try to put some shots up. The one kid with the ball now in his hands looks at their mama and is like "can I ? please!", and yes he could (how could she say "no" now, when Ive invited them in.  Sorry but they looked very intrigued!). So they try to throw it, I tried to teach them to use their legs and all but it was just fun and games - as it should be! They were all very happy when they left, all had tried to shoot and dribble and they had a quite unselfish passinggame for 4 sibblings (I thought they was, anyway). I tried to show off with some half-Court shots as they hurried home (It didnt go in! *schhh*...).
As time moved on, I met a couple of other kids. Some a bit older, they want to be cocky too sometimes, like today:  "Hey, I can make it OVER HERE!" (as they point with their hands and fingers at the same time) and in a second I give them a hard, nice bounce-pass over to the other side outside the Court to call their bluff (Im not mean.. I just try to joke around). He missed badly and blamed it on the wind and I completely agree, as I said to him, and also blamed it on the wind as I missed my next shot in front of him (!). Anyway, I got to talk to him and his friend for awhile, and it turns out he played some ball at the U19-team (not naming names for bragging rights within his team now when Ive just called out his missed shot...) and his friend had played so I tried to talk him into playing organized ball (as I ALWAYS does to anyone coming by haha). It was fun, I hope I´ll see them again, crossing paths with some basketball being played!
At the end, I usually play a lot of time by myself, although people passes by and I try to interact with them. In the final minutes today, I had a 1-on-1 with a young kid who was going to his soccer-practice with his friend and teammate. We had a nice chat, as I applauded them for playing a sport but at the same time tried to lure them over to also play some more basketball. In Trollhättan, it seems, basketball is played during spring and summer - outside - and isnt really thought of as in club-terms. This is a huge challenge for clubteam not only in Trollhättan but also in cities as Vänersborg and Uddevalla who has had teams but has close to nothing these days.
See you wednesday!

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