Nothing at Kronan today. I did not have the time to make it to the usual 16:00-17:00-time, so I made an earlier trip - this time to Kronogårdens 5on5-court next to Lantmannavägen. I was there around 14:00 and the weather was really nice, as the sun brought the warmth and the wind wasnt that active at first.
A few minutes in, a big group of kids walked by. Some lowergrade-classes seemed to have a field-day of some sorts. Anyway, I was in my Music... yes, and I listened to all the Yinka Dare- mixes on Youtube (!). You know those basketball-videos made with some cool music, featuring the nba-stars of today and past, in honor of Yinka Dare who had a short career and sadly passed away too soon. Well, my shots were falling and suddenly two girls jumps onto the court and shouts and yell at me! "Woah!", they really scared me haha. I couldnt be more unprepared as I was "in the zone" of shooting if you may say so... These two girls had a half hot-dog shoved into their mouths while at the same time trying to say something to me. Oh my, well, they were quite funny because at the next moment I realize that a bunch of other kids has sat down around the table just next to the court, pointing and laughing. I guess these girls were the class-clowns!
They stayed a big portion of my session out there, and I did not want to interup whatever they had outside today to invite them into playing. Although I couldve had this HUGE oppurtunity of really letting them try out the game, they looked just too busy stuffing themselves with ice-cream and eating hot-dogs (!)
I joked around a bit, though, and they actually sat and watched and cheered me on for about 20-25 minutes which, I must say, was an honor because they couldve easily have ran to the playground with all the features just 15 meters from the court. But they stayed, and I became real humble.
Thank you, kiddos, you were great. Thanks for letting me be the center of attention for some part of your hopefully enjoyable day outside with your classmates. And I hope at least some of them got interested in the game of basketball!
Todays video:
Lets gear up for the NBA-finals and bring you a 1975-finals Flashback, where the Golden State Warriors fought the Washington Bullets for the title: In a game were Rick Barry was the lethal weapon for the Warriors (game 3, 38 Points), notice the short-shorts, the under-hand free-throws and the awesome afros. I absolutely count those as part of the highlight-reels in this video.. ;-)

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