I live in Kronogården, a part of the city known for its diversity amongst the people who live here. And thats one thing that makes me tickle, almost every day, because you feel as you are in the middle of a building-pot. That building-pot is filled with opportunity and thousends of different experiences hopefully shared as best they can. At the same time, thats a part of the modern society.Fact is that we often see that diversity is claimed in only a few parts of a city and sometimes that creates problems. These problems often leads to unsolved quests of understanding their neighbours and a relationship between neighbours of different culture, religious or traditional beliefs could be the same reason why they do not engage or, sadly to say, sometimes dont even seem to try to. But, sometimes you really see the potential that is being held and groomed in cities with locations living with diversity. And the most telling tool to get to know your neighbour is through activity of any kind. 

Kronogården has a lot of activity, you see a lot of movement, you see a lot of kids and youngsters outside all of the time.

Thats one thing I love about Kronogården. And that activity can translate into so many things.

For me, thats relationships, a connection reached through sports. In my case, basketball. Basketball, and sports in general, holds a lot of valuable tools. One thing Ive learned is that it creates a connection, it builds relationships. That one relationship is very valuable, even though sometimes its a bond of roleplaying. When you do your role, as in enjoying whatever sport that drove you to ask some guys to get in on a play or game of soccer or basketball. But sometimes, it goes beyond that, and allows you to grow as a person, making friends and it makes your interest in the sport you love evolve.


Soccer and basketball are right now flourishing through kids and teenagers who love to go outside and play sports, enjoying some nice weather, and just have a great time.

Tonight, I passed by Kronan and saw a bunch of youngsters playing soccer at the combo-court next to Kronogårdshallen and on the other side, at Kronan middle-school, a few kids were playing basketball. I wish I could take a snapshot of that scene. More activity like this makes people get more near to eachother and when it comes to sport it has always seemed like a proper tool for a society to prosper.

On the way back, I saw the same guys play (kids around 10-16 years old), and they were just going at it. I saw it in their eyes, joy and happiness. Whatever tool it is, thats a pretty good goal trying to reach.